Costume Photos Needed! - Garrison Level

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Costume Photos Needed! - Garrison Level

Post by Moyer » Mon Oct 15, 2018 2:43 pm


I am currently in NEED of the following photos for the Legion Boards.

DZ 10295 - Nicholas Hall - Tessek

IS 11155 - Donna Ratledge - AT-ST Driver

DZ 11155 - Donna Ratledge - Jawa

ID 32755 - Jason Marosi - Officer: Line Officer, (Olive Drab)

IN 32755 - Jason Marosi - Imperial Navy Trooper

You may also send photos, if you would like to UPDATE your Legion pictures.

ALL photos should be as large(raw) as possible, with high resolution, and a SOLID CONTRASTING background. Avoid patterns and brick surfaces.

Please email them to

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